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How This Works:

Create You're Account Then Add You're Listings.
The system is similar to Craigslist we connect buyers and sellers.
But unlike Craigslist your ads DO NOT EXPIRE and you can delete them at your convenience.
You can allow your listing to be shown by the system or not shown. The option is in your Edit Function.
You can turn ON the option to allow Offers (bids) (not the same as ebay, there is no time limit, you can respond to an offer or not).
You can use it like ebay by adding your own Pay-Pal button and receive payment through the secure Pay-Pal Network.
To do so Create you're Pay-Pal account
Then follow their steps to create you're Pay-Pal BUY button. then copy the button code to your listing, The PayPal link field is in you're control panel, you will see it when EDITING you're listings.

When SEARCHING The results a user gets depend on how our members word their ads.
Search by - State, County, Zip Code and Price.

Examples: if you're searching for a Ford Mustang.
Also Search for Ford then search for Mustang.
The results you get depend on how the person words their ads.

When a Search is done the Item or service searched for is listed in a table
which is a click-able hyperlink to The Sellers Page Where their FULL ad is displayed.
The Web Page is fully editable from the users control panel.
If a seller places their name in all of their items descriptions then you can
Search their name and all their items for sale will be displayed.

Unlike Google, Facebook or Craiglist and others
We are fairly new to the Web, so if you find an error in my system please 

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