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Antique Standard Auto Electricians Manual.

Published By Standard Engineering And Publishing Company Belmont Massachusetts Copyright 1928 book number 12777.

This Manual Consist of 1097 pages of electrical data for automobiles manufactured in the early 1920ís and covers a wide verity of vehicles such as the Ford Model T and A and covers all the electrical system from Bosch and Ford Generators and includes many exploded views of the Generators and starters used in those days including all the electrical data. It covers every auto make and type manufactured from the 1920ís everything from Buick to Dodge and Chevrolet, Stutz, Stanley Steamer, MC Farlan, De Soto, Packard, Paige, Nash, Studebaker, and many more. All the electrical information needed to completely restore any Antique Automobile electrical system.

This fine antique automobile manual is a joy to just thumb through. A True Collectors Item.

edited by the seller on 3-11-2015
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Item Above Named Antique Auto Manual. Viewed 932 Times.

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